WEconnect Community Standards

Updated June 2022

  • Anyone can choose to speak or share in a group, but no one is required to do so. Silently experiencing what is being shared has great value by itself.
  • When sharing in meetings, we encourage you to keep the focus on personal experience. If giving feedback to other participants, we ask that you keep the feedback free of judgment and focused on strengths and support.
  • Any harmful (i.e. derogatory or confrontational) language or behavior directed toward anyone in our community will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the meeting. Such language includes — but is not limited to —  expressions of racism, sexism, genderism, classism, or any hostile or purposely stigmatizing language.
  • While your honesty is encouraged, please be mindful while sharing. For example, your body language or expressing extreme anger or aggression may cause unnecessary stress or trauma for others.
  • Commenting on anyone else’s appearance is inappropriate, even if it is worded in the form of a compliment.
  • We are committed to making this a safe space for all community members. If you are feeling uncomfortable in a meeting, please reach out to the facilitator or email
  • We encourage everyone to practice patience and tolerance and to keep an open mind, as everyone is in a different place in their recovery. If you disagree with someone, be respectful.
  • Bigotry or criticism regarding shares on current events. As a reminder, the sanctity of human life and safety is not considered a political issue and may be shared about at any time. Criticizing others for sharing on a topic that is very personal to their lives is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We do not condone and will not accept racism or bigotry of any type in these meetings. In addition, we are providing a general warning to all attendees that minimizing these events is unacceptable in verbal shares. We ask that you respect the experiences of those most affected. If you do not agree with this approach, we are happy to help you find another recovery support meeting.