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WEconnect Offers Solutions to Reduce Health Care Costs

With the rise of substance use disorder and opioid addiction, WEconnect provides a critical and effective digital solution. We help keep patients engaged in recovery, while working to reduce health care costs and improve health capital.

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Save Lives

WEconnect helps keep members engaged in their recovery, increasing patient health, decreasing reoccurrence (relapse), and improving social determinants of health.

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Decrease Costs

Keeping members in recovery through WEconnect will save costs by decreasing emergency department stays, increasing primary care utilization, improving patient adherence to care/medical plan, and identifying successful providers and methodologies to invest in further.

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Improve Quality Scores

WEconnect’s net promoter score (or NPS, which measures clients’ overall satisfaction with a product) of 68 is more than 4x the average health care NPS of 16. Improve your quality ratings through offering solutions that patients love.

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WEconnect improves outcomes for health plans and providers

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Increase Reach/Remote Access

Designed to use minimal data for individuals with limited mobile data, the WEconnect app and messaging feature enables care teams to engage with remote members. Additionally, contingency management, the incentive-based methodology, drives success regardless of location.
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Offer Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions

Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions (JITAI) can be created through our HIPAA compliant data dashboard. This feature lets caregivers reach out to members in critical times to help reduce reoccurence.
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Meet Criteria of an Opioid Outcomes Data Tool

Organizations that offer Medicare and Medicaid plans are now required to have an opioid outcomes data tool. WEconnect Health offers a robust data dashboard to monitor member engagement, risk of reoccurence, and recovery trends.
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Improve Social Determinants of Health

WEconnect Health rewards members with Amazon.com gift cards they can use for food, hygiene products, educational materials and more.

Dedicated Peer Recovery Support Service

WEconnect Peer Recovery Support Services is a suite of flexibly delivered services provided by and for people in recovery.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

“In creating this program with WEconnect, we are putting proven techniques to use so we can keep more residents in recovery and build a healthier future for our members and the state of Pennsylvania.”
Gateway Health logo
Will Wenger
Director of Product Strategy and Development, Behavioral Health
Gateway Health
“Recovery is a lifetime effort. Within our own treatment centers, our mission is to extend care beyond our programs through alumni support networks. Our partnership with WEconnect Health will further strengthen those communities of support, putting our members on the path to long-term recovery.”
Jade Recovery logo
David Forstadt
Chief Operating Officer
Jade REcovery
“Addiction recovery is an ongoing journey. This partnership with WEconnect Health Management allows us to provide our residents with an additional layer of evidence-based resources and support systems to further their path to long-term recovery.”
Progress House logo
Darrell Mitchell
Chief Operating Officer
Progress House
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