Welcome Screen Stay in Recovery with Proven Techniques Stay in Recovery, Earn Real Rewards Making Recovery Fun and Supportive Supports all treatment plans

Supporting your recovery journey   

  1. Be a part of something profound

    Our mission is to support inpatient, outpatient, healthcare systems, sober living programs and partners to save lives. We achieve this by reducing relapse and making recovery fun, accountable and keeping individuals connected to community support.

  2. Stay in recovery with proven techniques

    Reduce risk of relapse by 50% vs. traditional treatment methods

  3. Stay in recovery, earn real rewards

    WEconnect rewards you for attending meetings and staying on track with gift cards to Amazon.com and more!

  4. Making recovery fun and supportive

    WEconnect's app supports you in your recovery journey with positive reinforcement and milestone celebrations

  5. Supports all treatment plans

    WEconnect is program-agnostic, meaning that no matter how you're managing your recovery, WE are here to help

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