How It Works

What Is WEconnect?

WEconnect is a mobile app that supports folks in making healthy lifestyle changes.

We know wellness looks different for everyone. Our founders are in long-term recovery; we know firsthand that wellness, like recovery, is unique to every individual.

That's why WEconnect exists.

We believe your wellness tool should be as flexible and supportive as you need it to be to help you make positive changes in your life.

Through our supportive app & dedicated Peer Support Specialists, we help members build a strong, personalized foundation for their long-term wellness.

How can we help you make your life just a little bit easier?

Flexible Mobile App

The WEconnect mobile app uses daily routines to support members in building habits that support their goals.

One-on-One Peer Support

Members can pair with a certified Peer specialist with lived recovery experience who can help them reach their goals.

A Safe Community Space

Our 8+ daily online meetings are led by our Peers. Connect with other members, share (if you'd like), or just listen and hold space with us.
Mobile App

Cultivating Healthy Habits

By following through with healthy routines every day, our members make real progress toward their health goals. When they open the app, they reinforce their hard work. This positive reinforcement helps keep members motivated and on track in their journey.

Certified Peers can help members develop a recovery or wellness plan that matches their strengths, goals, and priorities, then check in regularly to offer support and cheer them on.

rewards program

Why Offer Rewards?

WEconnect's insurance-covered program offers contingency management — the most effective standalone treatment for substance use disorder (SUD). It's a behavioral therapy that reinforces good habits. By rewarding positive behaviors, we help members stick with the healthy habits and routines at the heart of their recovery.

The Research
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Weconnect Peers

One-on-One Support

Who Are Peers?

Our certified Peer Support Specialists (Peers) have lived recovery experience they can use to support members encountering obstacles in their life. Peers help members find the tools they need to own their wellness, their way.

Meet the Team
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How Do Peers Work?

Peers help members develop a wellness plan that matches their strengths, goals, and priorities, then check in regularly to offer support and cheer them on. Through good times and bad, your Peer will be there for you! 

Now anyone can join WEconnect! Join meetings, schedule routines, and more.
for tough times

The WEconnect Safety Net

True support means being there when someone needs it most. That’s why our HIPAA-compliant dashboard and risk level analysis exists: to help catch members if they fall.

If substantial changes start negatively affecting a member's recovery routines, their peer will be made aware and reach out to make sure things are okay. Timely support can be key in keeping people in recovery out of harm’s way.

REsearch-Based Treatment

WEconnect Delivers Results

The results of the WEconnect platform speak for themselves.

After 6 months, 84% of surveyed members agree or strongly agree that WEconnect helps their recovery

88% pie chart

At month 6 with WEconnect, 88% of surveyed members report abstinence from substance(s) they've deemed problematic

75% bar chart

At month 6, surveyed members report an average of a 75% reduction in substance use frequency

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How WEconnect Supports Recovery

Find out how WEconnect helps people and organizations across the industry tackle substance use disorder.