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A Modern Solution for Substance Use Disorder

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App Features

The WEconnect app rewards members who adhere to their treatment plan

Created by a team of technologists and data scientists, WEconnect is based on the most effective treatment for substance use disorder: providing rewards for positive behavior changes.

Establish individualized plans

Our program-agnostic app allows members to work with their care teams and peer support specialists to input their individualized care plan. Plans consist of "routines" or scheduled appointments and activities that support each patient's recovery journey.

Incentivize plan adherence

After creating a care plan, members will check in to routines as they happen. Those who remain actively engaged in their recovery by checking in to routines regularly, earn rewards. These incentives are distributed as Amazon gift cards, which can be used to purchase items that improve a patient's social determinants of health.

Boost appointment attendance

One of two types of routines in the WEconnect app, "support routines" are the backbone of recovery. These include medically-assisted treatment, therapy sessions, peer support groups such as 12-step meetings, urinalysis appointments, and other scheduled meetings.

On average, members check into 4 verified support routines per week.

Verify check-ins with GPS

All support routines require a location as these are typically in-person meetings. If a member tries to check in to a support routine at an incorrect location, they will not be able to and their care team will see they missed the routine. If they check in close to the location but not at the exact address, their location will be flagged.

Encourage self-care

Self-care routines will vary person to person but typically include activities such as meditating, journaling, going for a walk, or working out. These routines are not location-specific and allow patients to organize and track all their efforts in recovery in a single place.

On average, patients check into 8.5 self-care routines per week.

Message patients directly

Our HIPAA compliant messaging platform allows care teams and peers to message back and forth with members directly.
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Dedicated support

WEconnect Provides Dedicated Peer Recovery Support Specialists

WEconnect peer recovery support services (WE-PRSS) is a suite of flexibly delivered services provided by and for people in recovery. Dedicated peers support members via messenger, phone, and even in person. Peers work with members to create individualized recovery plans centered around recovery capital and social determinants of health.

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How WEconnect Supports Recovery

Find out how WEconnect helps people and organizations across the industry tackle substance use disorder.