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Recovery Support for Individuals & Loved Ones

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Recovery Support for Individuals, Families, and Loved Ones in PA

We know recovery impacts everyone, which is why we are committed to including family members and loved ones in the process. WEconnect Health and our partners are expanding our services in Pennsylvania. Our focus is to provide a framework for people impacted by Opioid and Substance Use Disorder (OUD/SUD) as well as their family members and loved ones.

If you're looking for support but don't live in these areas, we also offers a free daily online support meeting for family and loved ones at 8pm Eastern.

How It Works

Contact us for an overview of all recovery services. We’ll give you a meeting schedule and a resource guidebook. There are many options for individuals, family members, and loved ones to choose from. You can work with a peer or family support specialist on a plan that meets all of your needs. You can add or drop services at any time. You’ll also get access to WEconnect, a mobile app that lets you earn rewards for sticking with your recovery. 

Support for Everyone

To make sure you are all on the same page with the process, we offer:

  • 1-on-1 recovery planning for individuals in recovery, family members, and loved ones
  • Mutual aid recovery meetings
  • Employment support
  • Community resources

Peer & Family Support Services

We’ll connect you with a peer or family specialist to partner with. Peers have lived experience with recovery, so they can relate to what you’re going through. They can help you with your goals and priorities and link you with the resources to reach them.

Digital Recovery Tools

You’ll also get the WEconnect mobile app. It's a tool built by people in recovery that helps you form healthy routines, stay on track, and earn Amazon gift cards for all of your hard work.

Online Meetings

WEconnect & Unity Recovery host online support meetings open to any and all forms of recovery. Our meetings are free and led by certified peers. They're for anyone dealing with SUD, mental health, and quality of life concerns. If you feel like sharing, that’s great! If not, feel free to just listen. We also offer daily meetings for friends and family of those in recovery. You can find all meeting times at

Get Started

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If this sounds like it could benefit you or someone you know with Opioid or Substance Use Disorder (OUD/SUD), please reach out to enroll in WEconnect.

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Member Referrals

If you represent an organization outside of Allegheny, Philadelphia, or Westmoreland counties that would like to refer clients to benefit from our services, click the button below.

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If you know of an organization or care provider in Allegheny, Philadelphia, or Westmoreland county who may be interested learning more about our recovery service offerings in the area, please download this one-page information resource and share it with them.

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