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After living and working during a pandemic, it can be easy to forget a more entrenched threat to public health: substance use disorder, which impacts more than 20 million individuals in the US and all walks of life.

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Behavioral health and substance misuse impacts at least 10% of employees

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Effects of Unsupported SUD

Employer costs

The economic expenses that accompany substance use and behavioral health in the workforce are substantial.
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  • $127 billion
    annual cost to American employers
  • $8,500
    average annual cost per employee

Affected employees are:

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More likely to file a worker's comp claim

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More likely to request time off

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More likely to injure themselves in the workplace

How We Work

We drive real change

Our experience employing contingency management to support substance use disorder taught us much about underlying behavioral health and habit change in general.

Changing Habits

More than 60 days
More than 100 days
After one year
Behavioral health tool usage time
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Change can be achieved by anyone at any time, the moment they decide to make it. That’s why investing in your workforce’s wellness matters.

And that’s where WEconnect comes in.
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Our Solution

The WEconnect Works product suite

From healthy lifestyle support to online community support and on-call peer support, WEconnect can be personalized for each employee’s goals.

Choose a plan that works for your workforce

What you'll get:
  • Improved lives
  • Decreased costs
  • Improved quality scores

WEconnect Works+

What employees get:
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“Tracking my activities helped me to better understand my life, and today I’m more organized because of it.”
— WEconnect member

For your consideration

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WEconnect can be implemented anonymously, in minutes.
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Peers are an important part of a healthy support network, especially for those who want to define their specific health goals, develop a plan to work toward them, and use routines on the app to achieve them.
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Eligible family members can also benefit from WEconnect!

Small improvements add up to big changes

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How do you make positive changes in your life?

Build good habits into your daily routine and stick with them. Change can be achieved by anyone at any time, the moment they decide to make it.

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WEconnect is the foundation for increased engagement and support on the journey to improve behavioral health

Together, we can help your employees reach their wellness goals and make a real change today. And once that happens, who knows what we can achieve?