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Building products that heal

Our mission is to save lives, provide accurate outcomes data, and support healthcare ecosystems, communities and families. Born from our co-founder’s personal journeys in long-term recovery, WEconnect is a Social Purpose “B Corporation” with a focus on ending addiction around the world.

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Meet the team: the best of the best

Our team includes innovative healthcare, science, technology and business leaders, supported by a legendary group of investment professionals.

Daniela Luzi Tudor, Founder & CEO of WEconnect
Daniela Luzi Tudor
Founder & CEO, WEconnect
Murphy Jensen, Founder & SVP Corporate Development of WEconnect
Murphy Jensen
Founder & SVP Corporate Development
Marc Jensen, Director of Product of WEconnect
Marc Jensen
Director of Product
Jay Barker, Director of Engineering of WEconnect
Jay Barker
Director of Engineering
Matthew Meiklejohn, VP of Sales of WEconnect
Matthew Meiklejohn
VP Sales
Mike Figge, CFO of WEconnect
Mike Figge
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Help us make a difference

We're growing and looking for talented individuals like you to join our team.

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Investment partners

Our world class investment team

Fred Luddy, Founder of ServiceNow
Fred Luddy
Founder, ServiceNow
Sasha Reed, VP of BlueBeam
Sasha Reed
VP, BlueBeam
Andrew Wilkinson, Founder of MetaLab
Andrew Wilkinson
Founder, MetaLab
Larry Leeds Jr. of Buckingham Capital
Larry Leeds Jr.
Buckingham Capital
Andre Agassi, pro tennis player
Andre Agassi
Former Professional Tennis Player
Sam Ketcham of Ketcham Capital Partners
Sam Ketcham
Ketcham Capital Partners
Tim Kerr of Springhouse Investments
Tim Kerr
Springhouse Investments