WEconnect is a solutions-based platform that addresses the most crucial time during someone’s recovery: the first year of sobriety, and equally benefits someone in long-term recovery.

The WEconnect platform was born out of the co-founders’ motivation to find solutions for thriving in recovery and improving the lives of others. Daniela Luzi Tudor first journaled about the idea when she went through in-patient treatment for her own drug and alcohol addiction and learned relapse rates are alarmingly high. She is a West Coast-based, serial entrepreneur joined by Murphy Jensen, 1993 French Open tennis Champion, who is in long-term recovery and leads strategic partnerships, and technology veteran Jen Mallory, who leads the product and hardware development and integrations.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support inpatient, outpatient, healthcare systems, sober living programs and partners to save lives. We achieve this by reducing relapse and making recovery fun, accountable and keeping individuals connected to community support.

The Team

Daniela Luzi Tudor


Jen Mallory


Murphy Jensen


How WE Got Connected

Shortly after leaving treatment, Tudor met Mallory at a Maker’s Edition Startup Weekend where they went on to win 3rd Place for the idea and continued to evolve the company and solutions from that day forward. Following the success of the Startup Weekend, Tudor won a contest, put on by BUCKiTDREAM, for the rare opportunity to go to Necker Cup to meet Richard Branson. Only about 90 days sober and afraid to fly by herself, she brought along one of the women in her 12-step support group and headed for the island. Little did Tudor know that she would meet Jensen while there, who is part of Necker Cup, and he would later join the team.

Steve Moak of Benevolent Ventures, who has a passion for recovery preventative care and aftercare, is the Founder of Not My Kid, a not-for-profit organization serving the interests of youth and families who are at-risk for drug abuse, delinquency, and early school withdrawal. He has been a part of several successful business ventures including the drug testing kit company, First Check.

Sasha Reed has worked within the tech industry for nearly a decade focusing on building success through strong customer engagement.  When her current company was acquired in 2014, she set aside seed capitol to reinvest in startups she believed in. Meeting Daniela and the WEconnect team, Sasha was impassioned by their mission and stepped on-board as an early investor and advisor. Believing tech should enhance the human experience, Sasha is proud to support a company dedicated to improving recovery rates for all those fighting addiction.

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